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The Importance of Humility as a Leadership Quality

David Pagoumian

Based in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, David Pagoumian leads CRC Insurance Services’ Property Practice Group. Passionate about the life lessons that inform leadership, David Pagoumian places particular importance on maintaining a sense of humility and compassion, and admitting mistakes when they happen.

A recent Forbes article drew focus on research that underlines the quality of humility as a predictor of effective leadership. This reflects the importance of traits such as asking for input and listening to employees at all levels, as well as changing course in situations when a plan is not generating results.
Humility and openness are also critical in ensuring that others on the team don’t feel unappreciated or undervalued. Placing oneself on the level of others can generate efforts that exceed expectations and be far more motivating than the “stick of authority.”
The importance of humility has translated into hiring practices that emphasize that quality at a number of firms. An example is Google, known to recruit employees who excel in working together to solve problems but step back and let others take over when their own contribution has been made.

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