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The Importance of Good Character in Building Teams

David Pagoumian

An established property insurance executive, David Pagoumian serves as the office president and leader of the Property Practice Group for CRC Insurance Services, Inc., in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Responsible for assessing coverage availability and negotiating terms, David Pagoumian emphasizes the importance of developing and maintaining character as an attribute of success.

At the foundation of good character, a sense of integrity entails consistency in all aspects of corporate life in ways that build trust and acceptance. With honesty often seen as a negotiable quality by many in the public sphere, it is a necessary component of success in the long run. People who are dishonest ultimately engender doubt in those around them: “If he was not honest with another in this situation, will he be honest with me when it counts?”

In tandem with honesty come qualities of loyalty and self-sacrifice, with great leaders able to humble themselves, empathize with those at every organizational level, and admit failure. The only shame lies in lack of effort toward meeting goals on which the entire team relies. Through the leader’s example of unstinting hard work, others are inspired to put in the same long hours and outsized efforts that ultimately enable businesses to succeed.

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