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Learning from Failure

David Pagoumian

David Pagoumian, the property practice group leader of the Shrewsbury, New Jersey, office of CRC Insurance Services, is a firm believer that failure can be a great asset. An avid reader of books about overcoming adversity, David Pagoumian recognizes that people must look at failure in a positive way to learn from it.

Despite being a common occurrence among human beings, failure is usually seen in a negative light. In reality, failure is an invaluable teacher, as long as people are willing to learn from its lessons.
For example, failure teaches individuals what doesn’t work. This information helps them develop new approaches to their goals and new solutions to problems they face at work, school, and in their personal lives.
Failure can also change a person's view of success. Individuals should look at the entire journey that led up to the failure and not just observe the outcome. When people view things this way, they can recognize all of their small successes that happened on the journey.

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