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Building Your Character

As the property practice group leader at CRC Insurance Services, David Pagoumian assists clients with obtaining and renewing property insurance policies. Recognizing the importance of being kind to others, David Pagoumian also promotes character building.

Character is defined as the attributions that guide a person’s ethical and moral actions. Below are several ways to improve your character:

Know your strengths and weaknesses
To improve your character, you must be honest with yourself. Evaluate how strong you are in such areas as mercy, forgiveness, optimism, courage, and judgment. Being aware of how well you currently perform in these areas gives you a baseline and helps you determine which areas still need work.

Check your past behavior
You most likely have morals that you live by. However, saying you have these morals and actually behaving according to them are two different things. Look at your past behavior and make sure they align with the morals you have. If they don’t, forgive yourself for your past and focus on changing your future decisions and actions.

Focus on your positives
There are always going to be difficulties, troubles, and other negatives in life. While you need to acknowledge these issues and deal with them, do not focus on them. Further, do not compare your personal journey with those of others. Doing so invites more negative thoughts and keeps you from being truly honest about your qualities.

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