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A Glance at St. John’s University’s Vincentian Heritage

David Pagoumian

David Pagoumian currently holds the position of property practice group leader at CRC Insurance Services, overseeing activities of the Shrewsbury, New Jersey team. In this leadership role, David Pagoumian assumes responsibilities including developing strong client relations, managing property insurance programs, and maintaining communication with industry associations. He holds a degree from the School of Risk Management at St. John’s University.

St. John’s University draws inspiration and vision from St. Vincent de Paul, who founded the Congregation of the Mission. A French priest in the 17th century, St. Vincent de Paul used his faith, business acumen, and intellect to care for and educate less fortunate members of society. He opened hospitals for the impoverished, founded orphanages, promoted literacy and education for the unemployed, and supported the incarcerated.
The legacy of St. Vincent is upheld at St. John’s University through its provision of opportunities for students to grow their faith, participate in service, and advance academically. By utilizing its resources of knowledge and faith, St. John’s University seeks to promote justice throughout the world.

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